“Change Your Compassion”
How Do I Change My Life Series
Luke 10:30-37

Our Options
1. I Don’t Care –Jewish Priest
2. I Don’t Care Enough – Temple Assistant
James 2:15-16
3. I Care Enough to Help- Samaritan

What Does it Take?
1. A Heartfelt Expression of Sympathy
 Luke 10:33
2. A Willingness to Offer Healing
Luke 10:33
3. A Desire to Pay the Cost

What Did Jesus Do?
1. Jesus Had Sympathy for the Human Race
2. Jesus was Willing to Offer Himself
3. Jesus was Ready to Pay the Cost
4. Jesus Lived Out a life of Compassion

My decision today:
 Turn my life over to Jesus Christ
 Change my Compassion
 Have Sympathy for others
 Be Ready and Willing to Help
 Live a Life of Compassion
 Volunteer to help with this ministry